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tech gafa.

gafa (Samoan word) genealogies, used in matai (chiefly system) dialogue.


Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi epitomises the fusion of art and technology, transcending boundaries to redefine creative expression. Rooted in a lineage of Samoan innovators, she honed her skills amidst the dawn of computing raised in a family of early adopters, seamlessly integrating emerging technologies into their home environment in their childhood. She credits her critical thinking skills to her parents who fostered a creative home environment and supported her artistic education and career. Today, her leadership prowess is also shared with her seven siblings who are in executive management roles within I.T., Advanced Manufacturing and Education sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

She is an Executive Trustee for Pacifica in IT (Australasia, Pacific), Hillary House Leadership Centre and Trust Advisor for Historic St Johns Chapel, Hampton Park. Her commitment to digital empowerment resonates with her experiences as a child growing up in Ōtara where many local families faced economic hardship during the 1970s-80s when NZ manufacturing shifted to out-sourcing offshore. Simalarly, with the arrival of Industry 4.0, she co-founded programme Ōtara 4.0 at the iconic Hillary House Leadership Centre to start initiatives to bridge the digital divide for her local community.

With dual master's degrees in Arts Management and Future technologies (respectively), she orchestrated visionary projects like 'Visible Voices', carving out access for Pacific communities into Art institutional landscapes. Through her consultancy, I.M-S Arts, she pioneers the convergence of art and technology, pushing the envelope of artistic exploration. Formerly shaping education and outreach at Auckland Art Gallery, her journey unfolds as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between art, innovation and Pacific thought leadership.

Refer to the Exhibition page to see her work. Each creation serves as a portal to the evolving dialogue between humanity and technology.

research partners.

2024 IDEAS AT WORK, Holographic tech support for artworks OXYTOCINLESS (2022-2023), Fa'alifu Fa'i (2023) and Te Puke o Taranaimuku Kahui Ako STEAM Festival, Ōtara  

2024 SAMOA HOUSE LIBRARY, Research Residency for Maota Samoa Digital Preservation

2024 PACIFICA in IT, Executive Trustee, Australasia, Pacific.


2023 Leadership Team, STEAM Festival, Te Puke o Taranaimuku Kahui Ako, six Ōtara schools, Partnership: Ministry of Education 


2023 Curator, SCORPIONS Digital Preservation Project. Partnership: AKL Libraries


2022 INDIGITECH DESTINY: Towards Data Sovereignty, Moana Artists Panel. Partnership: Innovation Week, PLATFORM, Calgary Vancouver, YYC


2022 Co-ordinator, NFT Minting Workshop. Partnership: Artist FriedGhost, HOLOPLEX, SOLANA DAO Blockchain.


2022 Co-Ordinator, Generative NFTs Workshop. Partnership: Artist FriedGhost, HOLOPLEX SkeleDAO, Skeleton Krew.


2022-2023 Prof. Cert. in Digital Imaging & The Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage, Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem. Tutelage: Prof. Mosche Caine.


2022 Co-Author, A Moana Lens on NFTs, Published Research, AAANZ Conference. Art Association of Australia & New Zealand. Partners: Monash University & University of Melbourne.


2022 Panellists, INFINITY Exploring NFTs and Beyond. Partners: Depot Artspace Art Gallery, Scott Lawrie Gallery.


2022 ŌTARA 4.0, Co-Founder, NZ TECH WEEK 2022. Partners: 5-Part series, Hillary House Leadership Centre, Media Design School.


2022 Co-Ordinator, NFT Pacific Artists Pilot, Creative New Zealand Pacific Arts.


2021-2022 UBISOFT, Quebec. Story advisory team, Polynesian game concept.

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